$500 List Price of Material for $200!

When you sell through as much material as we do, sometimes you end up with a bit of backlog in material. In the last couple of years at coins shows, we have offered special packages for dealers or other re-sellers where we assemble a large group of material and heavily discount for quick sale. For the first time, we are offering these wholesale lots on our site! The following packages are available: $100 list price of material for $55, $200 list price of material for $100, $500 list price of material for $200. All the lots will have a wide variety of interesting selections, will include silver, and the higher dollar lots will have more high value pieces. Lots of fun for a newer collector, and great value for the smaller dealer! Pieces will be our selection, but we guarantee that you will be happy with the quality and selections from these packages! These packages are only being offered on our website! We can also assemble packages in different dollar amounts, please inquire if you have an interest!

Please use the photos to determine grade for yourself!
**International buyers: Some countries charge customs fees on international orders- I have no control over these- Please check with local customs officials ahead of time!

Thanks for visiting our site! Since 2007, Boardwalk Numismatics has specialized in offering interesting, affordable world coins to clients around the world! We would like to thank all of our thousands of returning customers and look forward to working with new collectors!

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  • good morning im Angelo .. I have a shop in Italy and I would like to buy a lot of yours, let's say to spend as a first try 300 euros including shipping! I need to be billed and my Italian VAT number IT02013040387 is shown on the invoice it's possible? I hope we can do it and so in the future buy bigger and bigger lots !! I await your news Greetings Angel

    Hi Angelo,

    I can certainly add your VAT number to the invoice on a purchase. I could come up with a $300 lot, if that is what you would like.