Consulting & Specialty Services


We offer specialty numismatic consulting services for dealers, auction houses and private collectors, please inquire about specific rates and let us know what you will need. We have cataloged numerous collections on behalf of non-numismatic auctions who have ended up with world coin collections. We have also worked with the props departments and script supervisors for several different productions to ensure the currency of the time and location are accurate. Whatever your numismatic project is, it is most likely we can assist!


Auction Viewing & Bidding:

We have viewed dozens of auctions on behalf of other dealers and collectors. Please feel free to reach out, even if it is not an auction we are attending, we can usually recommend another professional numismatist who will be at the auction and can work with you.


Coin Shows:

If you are a show promoter and would like us to set up at one of your coin shows (within the U.S. or internationally!) please send us an email with the information regarding your show. We regularly set up at numerous national and international shows and are always interested in adding worthwhile events!


Speaking Engagements:

If you have a numismatic event, historical event or something else where a talk regarding some aspect of numismatics might be worthwhile, shoot us an email. If it is a niche where we do not have the ability to cater to what you are looking for at your event, we would be happy to recommend another professional numismatist.


Estates, Trusts, Valuations and Expert Witness:

We have worked with attorneys around the country on valuations for the purposes of estates, trusts and divorces as well having provided expert witness testimony in the courtroom on several different areas of numismatics. If this is something that you may need, please contact us!